Employ Your Resources

~ How am I employing my resources?

Am I living up to my potential?

Have I deployed the full gamut of my personal resources?

Do I even know what I am fully capable of?

Are there certain things I haven’t delved into that I could possibly excel at?

How would I know?

What realms remain untapped because I haven’t been willing to try them out, or have simply have missed the necessary encounters to awaken them?

Do I fear a full understanding of what I know I might be capable of and am thus squandering?

What are my resources?

And how resourceful can I be?

It’s important to take an objective look at your current skills & abilities — your resources — and evaluate them. Contemplate their continuous improvement; consider what you aren’t considering; regard what you can do, that you don’t do. Originate, produce, and refine new ways to employ your self. In short, what are you good at? What can you improve? And in this self-examination, what aren’t you thinking about?

~ able to deal skillfully and promptly with new situations, difficulties, etc.

We understand what we have available now may not be all that there is. Each of us is capable of learning and growing, it is evidenced by our continued existence and everything that we are doing as we navigate the world. We are more than likely still full of untapped potential and underutilized talents we may not understand. We tend to fear investing in dreams in all the discretionary senses — monetarily, socially, temporally. After all, time is the most valuable resource we have, and it feels especially bad to feel like we are wasting it.

All that being said, often we are forced to simply use what we have right here before us. Restrictions and limitations can be freeing in that they force us to become creative with our current resources. What is at our disposal becomes more valuable directly due to our familiarity with it. Such is the groundwork laid for resourcefulness.

We try to be resourceful in these ways with our dreams and our time and our work, melding them together for the sake of fitting it all into our lives in the necessary proportions. It takes a certain kind of talent to work with what you already have in hand, while simultaneously driving at changes and improvements. For the development of what most consider to be a good life, we are tasked with employing our core resources, while simultaneously cultivating entirely new ones. The game becomes one of balance.

So, how do you employ your resources? ~